Knowledge of the Psychic Vampire

The description of a psychic vampire has been given in many different forms and in multiple casts. Some say they are evil, created only to take away our dreams. Others claim that they are only surviving, just as humans do, on the power of other things. It is also said that psychic vampires are just… Continue reading Knowledge of the Psychic Vampire

Is it just me, or did you do this…

Do you think that a person can screw up another person’s life, or does the person have to be depressed and insane before they are susceptible to being screwed up?

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love poem

Ahead is your silhouette A lithe form within the moonlight A tear forms – like how we met Suddenly there, then out of sight I proceed to walk up the lush hillock A single rose held at my back Above I observe a watchful hawk In courage I abruptly lack Your golden eyes rise to… Continue reading love poem

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