It’s Ok

It’s ok when blood is covering my whole body. It’s ok as I cry for never having the truth. It’s ok when I suffer and you don’t. It’s ok that I’m living in my hell and I’m vomiting all my insides. It’s ok when I’m lying dead in decaying matter and you just spit on… Continue reading It’s Ok

Higher God Falls

Overtaken, High Above Evil Witch, Controlled his mind Spell too powerful, lost his mind She made him Human, found a gun and pull the trigger Thought he will go to heaven, Falling into hell Stupid Standards he made, forever in hell he’ll lay.

United we stand,Divided we fall

Our kingdom is rich with purity and insane. Our kingdom is strong with laws and demands. United we stand, we’re kings and queens. Some worship a God. Others are nothing. WE FALL.

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