Never call me Hun…it’s a deadly word (part 2)

“Emmi Granger your under arrest for manslughter.” That one sentence is still ringing in my ears. It’s annoying me very badly. It’s only been a day since Pandora and I ran off from my arrest. Or it was supposed to be an arrest. Lucky for us we found an abandon car and we’re using that… Continue reading Never call me Hun…it’s a deadly word (part 2)

The death of others

“Not bad. Not bad at all.” That was the last thing Sara said to him. The very last thing. Be fore she killed herself two years ago. And that day still rings in his ears. Now there’s the plan: to kill the people that hurt her and himself.

Embrace life and hope? I think not

Embrace the light she said to me. I gave her a glare. There is no way that I’ll EVER embrace the light. She saw me on this site before and now she reades the “embrace the Darkness” scull head.

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