For i must take my place with

Dwelling with soldiers of the night, forever night, where light can no-longer diminish our power, just the cycle of time.. Memories of many of my kind fallen to shadows, screaming, weeping, and devastated… Where is the revolt? Where is over-rated hope? All is non-sence now, for i must take my place with ??

where-ever i’m at

blood thirst for the dangerous path – intwined by hatred of the sun’s wraith. dark children pass-out on our way to the lab, so i guess i’m stuck, where-ever i’m at..

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Pain, mixed emotion, and violence are watching me all at the same time, creating mental anomelies – by reason of the sky darkening. Allured deep into havens of sin, driven mad betwixt the real and the false, all nonsense now, transparent pollution burning my nasal passages – my last thought falling to this decaying ground…… Continue reading DISPLACEMENT 6