you wrote your story to spite me the words i could never write the scratchings i could never make you scribed those words of mine


Cragged vessel hewn with thought. Who’s timbers of want are bound by uncertainties. Motioned by sails of desire. Bourne adrift on tides of need Winds speak words Tears on each waves wake. Would you not fetch upon the rocks To easy your load upon the edges To sail my mind no more To have this… Continue reading Vessel


Conformer. How do I remind you that there are people unlike you? Why do you fear yourself and seek the we in I? Is it not the unknown that we most fear? Simple creature by reason you know not yourself. Just another work amongst the wax.

My Prayer

Make me an inanimate being Golem, Not of clay or stone For these appear to long for life But of the long dead Who rest and know what it is to be content Not to feel or want I know not now or ever peace. Grant me the sempiternal indifference I seek.


… and yet it is the meekest dog that shall endeavour to seek his masters attention, to turn at his throat and tear at his flesh, when all was once forgotten.

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Voices dulled behind bone. silenced by the orgy of blood-tissue-grey-nerve endings. The worlds best sensor holds me to self.

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