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I’ve read over the comments on The Ignored, The Weak, The Dead, and I realize that it may have not been the best story, but then I recall–darn I missed some many things, I went straight for the pain, I did’t realize where it began–so this is where I’ll start–again…

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Poems I wrote…

Soft whispers at night, Memories of sweet things begin, To taste bitter and bite. Everything you thought you had, Gone, lost forever,

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The Beginning (part 1)

Your comments on my first story inspired me to write another. I found out that MOST people like happy endings, lemme tell you, I’m sick and tired of bullshit “they lived happily ever after”.

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Why do I feel this pain and suffering all the time, It never gets out of my mind. I start to get dizzy and I want to fall out, Everyone just seems to scream and pout.

The Ignored, the weak, the dead…

“What the fuck is wrong with you, you dyke bitch?!?” Were my mom’s first words to me when I told her that I was lesbian. After those words I was sent upstairs with a hand print on my face.

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