Deadly love (death)

::snip, snip:: the scissor moves slowly across the paper, as she cuts out the eyes, nose, and lips out of the face in the magazine. “Too perfect” she whispers. Her magazines are all cut out, so you can’t see the faces of any of the models. “If I can’t be like that, niether can they!”… Continue reading Deadly love (death)

It’s not what it seems to be.

No matter what you do, nothing comes out perfect. Everything you try, people criticize, it’s just not worth it. Everynight, that beautiful girl, sits in her bedroom. She see’s no purpose in life, all she can do is painfully cry. You thought she was perfect, everyone thought she was worth it. People judge, they think… Continue reading It’s not what it seems to be.

Deadly Apologies X

X – “Look, I have to go, I have some buisiness to take care of with Tashalyn.” said Organto. “What kind of buisiness?” Toby asked. “Truthfully, I must kill her, she must not live any longer.”