What should i do?

What do you do when you feel everyone is against you, do you just let them take over? I thought i had got ridden everything that got me down, but one change against me and it feels like i cant take control of anything by myself. Is it just me? am i just not ‘strong’… Continue reading What should i do?

Run away

Im no good at writing, but i am trying, i need as much advice as possible. its meant to be about be alone because of other peoples views…… Runaway, the they’re beside you, Runaway, the truth is still behind you, Runaway, their still beside you, All they ever do is watch you,

Coping Pain

hey everyone, pain has been a key factor in my life recently, and its all my pain. Ive tried a number of things “strategies” talking, writing diaries, getting a new hobbie, but when everything went bad to worse it was cutting that helped me, im sorry to say.

Black Rose

Over the last year i thought i was regaining my life. But as i found out from the scars on my arm, i am slowly declining. People around me i feel do not longer care, apparently i have “changed”.

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