Watching Paint Dry.

So this site has been asleep for quite awhile now. May huh… … … yyyyyep. SOMEBODY should put up something new (HINT HINT). Or maybe SOMEBODY got shot in the head and is now a veggie sitting in a pile of his own shit and piss. Or maybe found a more interesting project…? Hmmmmmmm??? Ah,… Continue reading Watching Paint Dry.

Patrick’s Theory

“Happy” What is “happy”? Happiness isn’t real. It’s a freakin state of mind. It’s imaginary. See this? This right here….this bottle of beer….this is happiness. This is real. I can touch it, i can hold it, i can drink it. Just like drugs. Heroin is real. Speed is real. I can snort, inject, smoke, and… Continue reading Patrick’s Theory


i couldn’t move this morning i was trapped in a cacoon i thought i heard my mother… …tried to step outside the room but i stayed in bed and struggled to move an arm or leg stuck to silk…i tried i thought i’d have to beg myslef…PLEASE MOVE i thought it was a dream but… Continue reading Atrophy