Steel Blade

Opening the silverware draw, I stare down at the large variety of silvery knives. Some are dull and useless, while others shine dangerously. Finally I find one that’s perfect. Its wooden handle proudly displays a long piece of steel, sharpened to perfection. I touch its ridged edge and a small tremor of pain shoots through… Continue reading Steel Blade

From the Grave

The crescent moon overhead shown brightly above the large stone sepulcher, illuminating its cold cinder walls. Inside the century old vault, lay rest a massive sarcophagus. The room itself lay bare, aside from a few scattered scraps of age old debris. The only thing of any interest was the sarcophagus itself. The sides were engraved… Continue reading From the Grave

Solitary Confinement

Is there even anyone out there? Listening to hear my cries. Is there anyone up there? Looking down from above the skies.

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