untaimed realities and betraid trusts

the teenage mind is an uncharted thing, the secrets we share, the people who betray our trusts, We were out on a monday night, and a friend of mine has trusted her sister until that night. sneeking out, enjoying ourselves alittle too much, not a worry in the world. The next day we thaught we… Continue reading untaimed realities and betraid trusts


In thease pages, you will find Secrets of my knowing secrets of time… In thease pages, you will percieve, minorities thaughts and many dreams. -Forgetful memories, untaimed lies, see that this is more than any mind. Tainted dreams, and taunted lies speak more than it meets the eye. -Forget my lies, you mis-percieve, nothing is… Continue reading INTRO: TO NEW POETRY….


.. on this rock that the “norms”call earth, technology was supposto kill you but instead, you adjusted and gained the power to HATE everything except the adrinaline rush that keeps you killing the “innocents” who think and wish, death would come and drag you to oblivion, to the bottomless pit of darkness from which you… Continue reading ETURNALLY UNRAVELING.. CONTINUED..


This is how i hate me This is why truth dies Its why i die inside Death comes easy

The Others The Others

Those who only see the opposit of reality, those whose speech is only mindlessness…… are those who be the first to die, Those so called individuals who are merely clones, will be distroyed by an undieing force of hatred that they merely made from their aditeudes,