All that You Say is a Lie..

Everything you told me.. You knew it was untrue So why should this matter? Why should I trust you…? You lied looking me straight in the eyes Seeing what you a lot to realize I only want you to feel my pain For you to laugh, cry..scream and strain


Wish I could worry you You would see how I feel Wish you could hate and cry… let me know what’s real When I look in your eyes..all blurriness goes straight but feeling rejected… I choose to hesitate

“The Fake…Fake everything”

Why is it that everyone is interested in the spurious these days? Why can’t what’s real count There are alot of things that can be imaginated, but in reality the imaganitive things are the fake Why dream for something phony, something that will never be possible The non-existant shouldn’t matter, For it has no effect… Continue reading “The Fake…Fake everything”


I’m sorry for not being there when the time was right Sorry for not being with you each chance I had There are so many things I wish I would change Sorry for playing stupid all those times, just because I was simply afraid of what I was feeling for you I’m sorry for not… Continue reading Sorry…..*