“This Deep Feeling”

Shameless, nameless, tameless suicidal attempts by my force of torture abusive to myself and those around us digging in my mind thoughts of immortality you’re pushing me over the egde will it end tragically?hopefully, painful i cringe with anger and uncontrolling emotion this dream i will not survive, i will not come back alive killing… Continue reading “This Deep Feeling”

Suicidal Attempt

This object runs across my bare skin, my blood tricking down my arm, as i stand i slowly stand in the middle of my room, bleeding to death, no one is there to help me, then my mom walks in, think there is hope?then you see the blood all over her hands, it was not… Continue reading Suicidal Attempt

” It “

It killed eveything in sight, it always put up a fight, it begins and nevers ends, it killed my family and my friends, it finished the world and all its sins, it will kill you no matter what it always wins, it has killed you, and it has killed me, it is called love the… Continue reading ” It “


I don’t have a purpose for this feeling but since i have some emotion in my heart i could propose, i am finally happy, i have found my place in life and i have a reason to be living and breathing, i have foud love and someone who cares, someday you will find your place… Continue reading Unknown


A day goes by when there has to be a single event at that moment that makes you feel your the only person that matters to that other individual and it turns out that he will make the rest of your days of time off worth your whole summer.

A Wrongful Path

It seems that when the present comes to you, it makes you decide on two pathways,neither one you want, you say, but make them anyway,since you have no chopce, no freedom to make your own decisions, but there is a time you choose the best one you could think of at the moment, then later… Continue reading A Wrongful Path