Shadow Side

Somewhere from the depths of all the negative elements of the world, this creature has appeared. It charges around in it’s threatening stance, setting up walls and keeping people from progressing, keeping friends from one another. It will put on a show of strength, hollow in reality, threatening in it’s illusion. It appears in dreams… Continue reading Shadow Side

Very Worried

I know I shouldn’t be like this, but at the same time I can’t help being like this. Something has changed to cause me to be this way, just because of the way I have lived this life so far and come to this way. And so I worry about the friend I can no… Continue reading Very Worried

Dark Knight Mourn

It seems there is only loneliness to be found in this dark hour, of all the things that we regret in life, all those things that have gone past and cannot be undone. Dark Knight, you have walked this path unknowingly, although you may have felt you were serving a greater cause in the begining… Continue reading Dark Knight Mourn

The Lord of Deception 2

There were other things that went on unoticed in the time that I was there, letting my life slowly drift by without realizing that I wasn’t progressing. There was always a holding back, a no you can’t do that, not said in works but done through actions in convoluted ways. When was there ever a… Continue reading The Lord of Deception 2