I smile alone. I cry alone. I scream alone. I laugh alone. I bleed alone. I die alone. I am alone.


Sitting alone in the darkend room,i wait for him to come and take me away.The things iv done,i wish i could erase them all,and start over,just like a mistake on a piece of paper…some time’s life does seem as simple as paper.


Ya well,some of you may have noticed my recent post..well that was just one of my break down’s..sorry..this is uaually where i come for just needed to post what i was feeling,i am getting better tho..slowly..i am getting better..and thank you all for you help,i appretiate it

why doesent my mother understand!

My mother doesent understand what im going through,i ask if i can take antidepressent’s,but she say’s i dont need them.

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Where fucked

Did you know the whole of man kind is all fucked!

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