A collaborative effort of Sacrifice Theory and MourningStar2002.

Posted with permission from the band Tears of Pain

You never really cared.
You used me like a toy,
Then threw me away.
Lied to my face.
Told me I was special.
That I had something inside me.
Something that made you want me.
Something that made you want to take me.

Well, how does it feel now?
With my boot on your balls?
How does it feel to be begging me?
I’m not your slut.
I’m not a fucking toy.
Think I’m just gonna let you use me?
Think again, baby.
Fuck you baby.
I don’t play that way.

You looked me in the eyes.
Hands down my sides and up my thighs.
Said baby, don’t worry.
This ain’t no one-time thing.
It ain’t no one time fling.
You relaxed yet, baby?
Can I touch you there?
Ohhhhhh baby….
Fuck you!


Now, I’m in control.
I’m calling the shots.
Oh, don’t worry, baby.
This is gonna hurt real bad.
Don’t worry, baby.
It’s lots of fun for me.
You in pain yet, baby?
Are you hurting for me?
Can I cut you there?
I’m gonna rip your heart in two.
Just like you did to me.


Can you feel me yet, baby?