backstabbing bitch

how dare you get off as being my friend?
you fucking bitch, this friendship is at an end!
don’t you fucking say you never said it
cuz my teacher wouldn’t lie about this shit

fuck you! go to hell! die in a hole!
it’s your problem now you stupid hoe!
you hate him? yeah right!
hope you have a horriable night
die in the morning-you know i don’t care
you also know i’ve had it up to there!
now do me this favor, my one last request
to see if your really up for a test
leave me alone
don’t you dare fucking call my home
get the fuck away
from now on and the rest of our days
this friendship is over
good riddens-buh bye
oh yeah bitch i hope you fucking die!
you played me like a fool
like i’m a dunce on a stool
i thought you had a boyfriend-or is that a lie too?
stupid bitch guess what! i can see right thru you
wanna lie to me now? do it again….
com on slut i’ll beat your fucking face in
this is a warning from one powerful bitch
you fucking with me better hope your family’s rich
cuz when i’m done with your ass-it’ll be six feet under
i thought friends never lied to one another
but i guess it’s another one of those things you preppy bitches do
when someone you like, loved someone you knew
so i’ll save you your breath
this friendship is over
i’m no longer your friend!
bitch this is the end!

By unforgiving lover

i don't like ppl and i don't like being here i'm 5'7'' short spiky hair, brown eyes, and that's all u need to know oh and i'm a major smart ass and i hate you and everyone else dont' talk to me cuz i'll try to kill you