Bad Ass Chicks

Bad Ass Chick, a new online magazine, is The BadAss Place for BadAssChicks.

Articles such as “Buried Alive: Why men would rather be eaten alive by sharks than tie the knot”, and “Let Him See Pie”,
Columns such as “My Kind of Stud:If you’re lucky enough to have a badasschick, here’s what to do with her.” will have both men and women reading along.

You can confess your sins

  • 09/14-I like skanky chicks
  • 09/13-devirginized 4 young men
  • are just a few of the confessions listed.

    You can take the BadAssChick quiz and see if YOU are BadAss!

    This is a hip and stylish site complete with pictures of BadAssChicks and “The Extreme View: Is this site just for chicks? Of course not …
    Guys, see what the EXTREME has to say about anything from hot babes to computer gaming!” All in all, something for everyone. BadAssChicks, the men/women who love BadAssChicks,and those who aspire to be a BadAssChick!


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