Bad dream

You start 2forget ur needs b/c ur so jacked up on speed while ur on ur knees w/ this needle in ur arm screaming “I killed Tweedle D.”
The world turns plan, its like a black n white movie, every things the same. While you snorting up ur ounce of cokecain, u cant help but think 2ur self wow dis shit is lame. I need more in my life. So u grab a knfie & start stabing every1 twice. But while ur slicein n dicein everyone.. the cops come, then ur a fugitive on da run, your live on ch 1. America’s Most wanted!! #1!! Gee i guess every1 was right i’m a homcidal maniac lose in the night. Your on the bridge with lights in ur eyes & this guy saying ” say no to suiside!!” Suiside?!!?! why would i want to die? I won 1st prize in the spelling bee when i was five.. oh wait that wasnt me, that was sum bitch i cut up on main street.. HEHEHE.. wow theres alotta people here, i didnt perpair a speech.. Uh.. Hi mom thanx for not loveing me!, Hi dad.. wait we’re not sure who that is yet, he was just there for the quick screw then fled. To all my friends, like i said Ima b on tv before im dead. Well im not much of a speaker thanx 2my english teacher, I slit her throat haha u should of saw it, it was pretty gross! I’d like 2say to all the lil boys n gurls FUCK SCHOOL!! go b a prostitute & a pedafile like my mother & one of my many fathers. Well thats all for nowers! Oh jenna I was the one who sent u flowers, I loved you! Alexis hey i’ve been crazy bout u for years, just didnt have the guys 2tell u, but hey look at me up here im faceing my fears. Alright every1 hold my calls b/c i doubt i’ll b back after this fall.. wow dats a long ways down, I wonder if i can hear the sound of my self screaming… well alright tinker bell give me some magic dust.. wanna know my happy thought? Ok if u must..that they’ll all forgive me, Yea, thats all i want for christmas. But sorry snata i’ve been bad. Ok peter Pan off 2never never land, after this leap i know i’ll wish i never had.. *leaps*
You wake up in a cold sweat! Your safe in ur bed, silly girl it was all in ur head! But no matter what , at night u can still hear the screams b/c this is all just a bad dream!!!!!

By Tired of bein ur puppet

madre piccolo errore