Barred Cell Windows

I’m here to tell you how much I love you I would sacrifice
my soul for you to be happy this is my love I miss you as I gaze though my
Bared cell windows I see a tree a creek the people and animals go about life
They take it for granted I scream to you your crimson blood is poring onto the
Crystal snow do you miss me as I miss you this love is never ending do have that
Love for me to do you gaze though your bared windows do you have those
Windows that trap me in do you scream to me my crimson blood is spilling onto the
Crystal snow will our wounds heal and will the scars fade away will the snow melt
Will the blood wash away will the blood stains come off of my soul and hands
Will my tears dry up will we fly away away to the land of milk and horny
Will i see you again i need you to tell me that we will see one another