Battle Cry of the Forsaken

“….we must shamble forth, clutching our darkened hearts, and turning our sunken eyes to those who seek to drive us into the Earth…”

In our modern civilization these days, all has not been brought to speed by the chariot of temporial passing.
I speak of us, those individuals who inherit the shadows and even compose these writings, in a hope to shed a restless thought, or cope with an ever battering nightmare.
I speak of the girls who are the very heart of evil’s envy. All dressed in black, with nails risen like knives, and hair darker than pitch. These temptresses break hearts and shatter other mens minds with a mere gaze.
I speak of the men who have no conflict to believe in…so turn their rage within. Their arms and backs, bloodied with the distemperment of others. People who find jest in others misery.
Even myself, littered with the marks of agony, with no one to help me. The music of peace stamped out from my heart, and replaced with the burning chaos for vengance. I speak little, but when I do, the Runes of Hatred pour from my soul and blacken the very hearts of those to wish to try me.
From the depths of misery, I beceit you..join with me in the Ranks of the Forsaken! Take up your blooded hands and smeared mascara, and aide me in the destruction of those who have discarded us. We must take up our blades, and drive forth…for we have lost everything, and have nothing left to lose. We must shamble forth, clutching our darkened hearts, and turning our sunken eyes to those who seek to drive us into the Earth…instill in them, the unbearable fear we have endured within our hearts! Together we shall scream “*Dies Irae!” The quaking pain in our souls shall crush the hearts of those who seek to end us.
When our opposition is no more. When we rest upon a mound of their essence…then we shall truly be free. To finally be left…alone..

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By Azurael

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  1. The dream… that one day, the war would truly begin. I have gone too long without a fight, without a purpose. Let them die, let them burn, let them scream for a god that doesn’t hear, or care. If there ever was to a strong movement for meaningless violence, you would have my bloodlust to enlist.

  2. Then again, that could just be the screwdrivers talking. whatever, I like violence anyway, it’s a good alternative to the pain of a meaningless existence. blood is like alcohol, it helps me to forget life

  3. Then there is quiet reflection, and for some, guilt. But it isn’t something that I should let trouble me, that would defeat the entire point of the escapism. There are other forms of escapism though, other things to keep me too busy to think. Alcohol, books, self-mutilation, even recreational drugs (which I have yet to actually try). It’s an irrelevant question though, too many people for the blood to run out except in theory.

  4. Many people happen to think the same way as you do. So it is quite possible because nothing lasts forever. Besides the supply may very well be easily acquired by others, but for some reason be limited for you at some point in the future. It could very well happen to you. It could happen to anyone if they’re not careful.

  5. youre prealizations in life is such a dork your type is the “depressed type of people” who tries to be devilish in your literatures if you want to call it as fuckin to read such a trying hard depressing lit.SUCK2R

  6. Much couragae to the soul that would do what you say but I doubt you posess that soul. You may lash out and exact revenge in the gloious fury of the moment but will you or can you start a war? Do you really want to kill, kill, kill, and kill those that are dubed as the innocent? Could you really lay your blade on your fellow mortals neck and cut deep within the flesh? Could you watch the mortals blood seep unto the ground? If you KNOW you can then you have my blade otherwise keep your rantings to yourself.

  7. I joined long ago! Thank you–this brings out much of what I feel and want to tell the world that torments me.

  8. Do me a favor, learn the proper use of the English language, to include grammer and mechanics, then get back to me on your opinion that I really don’t care about? N’kay? Buh bye.

  9. Long ago I became what you speak of. My sword is pitted, pocked, scarred, burned, and otherwise marked with a multitude of marks, parries, and blows that withstood them.

    “Before there was Darkness there was not Light, and before there was Light there was not Darkness, but there was Non-Light. It was both Light and Darkness, a Neutral, with the deity being neither a God nor a Goddess who did not care about petty mortal or immortal things. It created everything, from the sword to the wrapping around someone’s sword mark, and yet It created nothing, from mindstates that are barren wasteland. It created the sword you wield, and It also created the wrapping around your victim’s arm where your sword bit. Be wise to remember that.”

  10. Perhaps then, we must all turn our own blade upon our own hands, or arms, after the blood of the others have all run. Is that then what goes?

  11. Your repulsion will never work my freind, a worthless but much thought about cause. You speak of a war or rebelion, and that takes dedicated people to carry out the act of warfair and change. To my knowing not many people exist that beilive in the same ideals as you and the few share. Not to mention another who tryed to raise the blade to the sheep of heavin. And what did he get for this Act of agression, a eternity in hell. thos the judgement will not be as great you’ll still be punished greatly. What you need is a time of pain and hardship and a broken people who are desspret for a leader and a fix to there forsaken lifes. then you need to unit them in this cause or a common enimy and work from there. so easy this would be to find many years back but humanity always has ages of colapes, maybe you will luck out. And a word of advice the tounge is sharper than the blade, bullets may not piece the cevlar on ones body but words will enter the mind without force and work from within. From one who knows the way of world better than most, i hope you find peace.


  12. rebellion? no, i have no desire to take over the system, only to destroy it. my blade will be among your ranks, by your side.

  13. My blade amoung your blades/ my dagger amoung your daggers/ my arrows amoung your arrows/ i will not faulter

    i’ll fight. just as long as it worth shedding blood over.

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