Battles with Fate…&…Death

Reasons to live are so few,
Thoughts of death aren’t new.
Breathing on the uncovered blessings,
Wither away with defeats in life’s citings.

Brushed past are times of victory,
All that’s left now is fate’s forgery.
A twisted beam of hope enters soul,
Drains life’s residues to an abyss & a hole.

Defiant soul’s defeated in walks of life,
Emerges shattered ,forever deluding strife.
False stars of hope clog the horizon,
Tears of blood & agony distort the vision.

The soul wilts and crumbles in own world,
Cries & falsifies a last defeat, for a hold.
As the once forged fate shortens the miles,
Eyes close forever, with few tears & smiles.