Be There…

Be there

You said youd be there
Be there when I cry,
Be there when I cant survive Life,

Be there when Life offers me Pain and I take it,
Be there when the world turns its back on me,
Be there when you said you would.

But youre not;
Youre not when my tears cant stop falling,
Youre not when Life kills me with its existence,
Youre not when Pain corners me and I cant let go,
Youre not when youre gone and I have no one else to turn to.
Youre not when I need you.

So Ill cope
Ill cope with crying invisible tears for no one to see,
Ill cope with Life till Death comes for me,
Ill cope with Pain following me wherever I go,
Ill cope with talking to the invisible person that promised to be there,
Ill cope with your broken promises.

But until you;re here
Till youre here Ill hold in the tears,
Till youre here Ill live everyday to the fullest,
Till youre here Ill welcome Pain,
Till youre here Ill hold the hugs and smiles for you,
Till youre here Ill keep my promise to live.

Ill wait for
For the tears to spill out,
For a miracle to happen,
For when Life gives me Love,
For the shadow of the person who cared,
For the person that said theyll be there.

And when youre here
Ill cry because you werent there,
Ill wait for Solitude to come back,
Ill appreciate the Love you gave me,
Ill give every treasured hug and smile to you,
Ill be there for you, every step of the way.