WHY? WHY DOES SHE LOVE ME??? I beat her down. I never call, yet she tells me she loves me. I never visit, except to fuck her, yet she showers me with gifts.

I fuck others, yet she sits and waits for me. I berade her, she tries to build me up. Now she’s gone. What have I done to another life? All she wanted was to be loved, and I took it, and I punished her. What have I done? Should I be feeling remorse? Im not, this is my ray of sunshine. I took this beautiful object, and made it ugly. It’s my art work and now I love it!


  1. Have you ever heard of something called emotional abuse? Here’s another good word for you: therapy.

    Looking at is as writing, there isn’t much of a story line, if it’s poetry, I don’t see the symmetry, if it’s free style, I can say you did that well. But if it’s something you did to another person then I say it is something to be ashamed of.

  2. Its a very good peice of work. You had alot of emotion in you and I think it was well written. Keep wrighting, and dont let anyone judge your wrighting for you, I just gave you my opinion.

  3. Your mom & dad should be proud of giving birth to such an asshole… And please, what you did, shouldn’t be called "artwork" but "shitwork".

    I hope future artists won’t think that way…
    I also hope that some girl will do the same thing to you, so that you can feel the way she felt(but I honestly don’t believe that there’s gonna be another girl in your life in the future).

  4. It really is not your work to judge. If you didnt have enough balls to put your name up there then you are a sorry little person. Id like to see you come up with something better, or maybe you already have, but untill you can prove it, Ill still think the same about you.

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