Beautiful Suicide

a beautiful sucide
a scarafice of love and body
words spoken but not forgotten
twisted and torn i lay here wishing
i had never been born
my emotions are so mangeled
i know not what it is i feel or where to do
i want to turn and run but you grasp is tight
im choking on my words of love to you
you? who are you ? why must i love you as i do? i want to but i dont such a sweet sucide our sacrifice for love and body
your beautiful face your delicate soul
i wish i was the one to heal your sores and cover your scars the tase of your tears would be so sweet if only i were the one to make them greet but im not i never was and never will i feel sorry for myself not and weep for me dont because in you i have found what i want what i wish to know and what i wish to be to me you have shown deep inside i know you are free set yourself away you need not these thoughts in which you confine free yourself you are free flesh and blood are beautiful but your soul the most beateous of all i would give myself away to heaven or to hell the angels could pull me apart and the demons mock for you i would die for you i would live in hell for you a suicide beautiful