perfect by nature.
blessed with every perfect feature.
but just when everything is making sense.
she loses all her self-confidence.
there she goes once again with that fake smile.
blinding herself with such denial.
everyday she falls deeper into depression.
slowly giving in to the world’s oppression.
constantly defeated by the world’s cruelty.
her heart is filled with pain and vanity.
comforted only by the iron pills that she takes everyday.
watching her beauty slowly turn into decay.
so sick in her body and her soul.
now theres nothing left but an empty hole.
choking on her laxatives and other colorful pills.
her razor blade cuts and infected sores will never fill.
in this world she feels so alone.
out of her own frustration she starves herself to the bone.
but in her head the flesh seems thicker.
tormented by the lies of a mirror.
spirit left battered and torn.
mind left to mourn.
left with feelings of succumb.
she discovers the beauty of being numb.
so tainted in her body and soul.
she has lost all her self-control.
the tragedies of life have left with no hope.
now all she has left are her needles filled with dope.
now she is underdosed and sober.
this life of pain and addiction is finally over.
escaping life and all it’s trauma.
forever lost in her dark coma.

By Melody

young bisexual pagan goth girl. struggling muscian n writer