I woke up one not so special morning, the sunlights rays beaming through the curtains burned my eyes, and i felt like a new person.Some might find that not so strange as people change everyday of the year, some for the better, and some for the worse. But no, this wasnt like any of those normal changes, this was the change that for all of eternity i would face.But, what was this change?

I got up, and went to gaze into my mirror, my eyes so placid, and my skin complexion so much paler than usual. I had felt dead.And oh, how the pain in my neck wouldnt go away. The feeling of no blood circulating my system scared me. What had happened to me? was the question i had kept questioning myself. Had it all been a dream, these emotions that i was feeling? But, no it couldnt have been a dream, it was too surreal to be a dream. The sun, so bright as i gazed into it, was making my eyes squint, i begun to feel even more dreary. And for some bizzarre reason i felt myself falling asleep, falling into a long, deep, and enchanting sleep…..

“Morella, Morella!What on earth do you think you’re playing at! Have you looked at the time?!?” Like shutters, my eyes opened slowly to see my mother marching, like a soldier, with hands flying in the air back and forth across my bedroom floor.
” Oh, decided to wake up, have we? About bloody time too!” She yelled, the agression in her facial expression was a picturesque..
” Do you realise that i have been trying to relentlessly wake you up for the past 10 MINUTES. Do you have ANY idea what jeapordy you have put me in?!? You’ve gone and missed the only school bus from here that takes you to school. So now i HAVE to take you ALL the way to school now, which means im going to be LATE for my VERY IMPORTANT meeting with Professor Diavitch. Oh, how could you do this to me Morella? Knowing full well what was going on today.Now, i’d understand if it was a regular thing, you know, you, and missing the bus, but you went fine yesterday to school, and why did you have to miss the bus today, today of all days?!?!” she shrieked “It’s only that im running late myself, im able to take you. Otherwise you would be cooped up in this house all day by yourself!”
“What are you talking about? There was no school yesterday. It was Sunday yesterday, i dont go to school on Sundays…”
“Im fully aware that you dont go to school on Sundays, what do you take me for? It just so happens to go that it was infact Monday yesterday, and it’s therefore Tuesday today. The day of my VERY IMPORTANT meeting!!” she said, walking off trying to put her VERY IMPORTANT meeting earrings wear in her ear.

The next day hadnt been so bad, i felt physically fit, and the gaze of the sunlight no longer burned my eyes, i no longer felt weak. I reassured myself that all the events which i had encountered was just a horrid, surreal nightmare, it had to be. But, at the back of my mind remained the daunting fear that no matter how hard i tried to reassure myself nothing, or no-one could save my poor immortal soul.

“And why weren’t you in school yesterday?!?” Rose questioned
“Hello to you to. Is this how you’re going to greet me from now on?” I had replied.
“Maybe…Just missed you, that’s all. ” There was a long pause.
“So…where were you?” she repeated.
“Where was i what?” Suddenly, my daunting thoughts were reality, and hadnt Rose reminded me.
” Yesterday…silly!” she poised.
” Rose, what are you talking about? You know fully well where i was yesterday, i was in school. Of course i was in school. You know how my mother would behave if she found out i had missed just a day off school, she’d kill me. So, why would i provoke that?!?” but, just as i was in mid-sentence, i noticed that blank facial expression of disbelief, if i couldnt even convince myself, how could i of possibly convinced Rose, my best friend. My only friend.I wanted to shut the whole world outside of me, but Rose had filled me with doubt. I knew that day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute, led closer to my fate? But, what was my fate?

The thought of food no longer quenched my thirst. The naked bare flesh, and the sight of so many wondering souls amongst the school began to fill my desire, and i became thirsty at the glimpse of it….

That night, it had past the stroke of midnight, i arose from my bed to the sirens singing, i could hear them with my soul, the window opened, and i was led through a twlight veil. Echoes of longing were held in what seemed to be this strange lullaby, the soft pull of a strangers voice, pulling me through the fog of this dream, taking me to a whole new world. A world between darkness and light, between ancient and eternal, between real and imagined, unlocked by the rusting chains of time, as i was led through the door….

In the distance, the smell of surrounding flesh waiting to be hunted down teased my cravings, my prey was entrapped, and i was alone…
A few hours seemed to have been missing from my life, as i couldnt recall anything which happened before, but i felt stronger, as though in that couple of hours i gained power, strength. I looked down at my hands, there was no life in them, but i had felt more alive than ever. How could this have been?
Blood trickled from my mouth and beneath my chin, bewildered by the sight i had fallen back with fright, fallen back onto a body, worst still, a stone cold DEAD body! The shock had been to much for me to bare, and i tried to resuscitate the body. But, who was i fooling? I had no life to give breathe back in, i wasnt alive myself. But, what had i done to this body?…..deep down i knew what i had done…………I had killed……I had killed my first victim of my fate.

And with that i vanished into the enrapture of the darkness for all of eternity to meet him in the fire.

*To be Continued*