In the days I last laid eyes upon-
In the nights I wept my tears on-
The black that held my hand so tight-
And the slice the made my wrist so bright.

I felt you inside me crying-
I heard you behind me dying-
Your eyes reflecting in the red-
My fangs glistening at what you’d said.

The moon that died to clouds and rain-
That fell asleep and never woke again-
Your tender hands that held me steady-
As I gnashed my fear and soon drew ready.

My pain, I fear, is yours to feel-
This night of dreams has become quite real-
The shadows dance upon our silhouettes-
And demons leap and pirouette.

As music plays to our beating hearts-
And words fall silent as the dying starts-
“Kiss me now, and kiss me forever”,-
I said to him as his flesh did sever.

To the razor porcelain below my lips-
And the cradling arms around his hips-
“To kiss you now is never again”,-
He said to me as he rolled his head.

In the nook of my neck, baring white-
And my jugular pounding, as I try not to fight-
For in this hour, his life lost to me-
For my need to survive, for me to be.

I that have hunted him, and soon shall unto you-
There is no reason, there is no “who”-
That will be next…..just faces and flesh-
Flowing blood that will soon come to rest.

Fill my belly, barrel through my veins-
Live in me, even though you are slain-
Live forever, for I am to pay-
For the murder, for the rape.

And the tears wept for us all-
Will cease to flow when hate comes to a halt-
As I lay to rest in your blackened hearts-
Know I too, am in all of you, we will never part.

This is one of my many poems. You can find more at
The Last Breath.
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By The Evil Cheezman

Purveyor of sacred truths and purloined letters; literary acrobat; spiritual godson of Edgar Allan Poe, P.T. Barnum, and Ed Wood; WAYNE MILLER is the head architect of EVIL CHEEZ PRODUCTIONS, serving up the finest in entertainment and edification for the stage, the page, and the twain screens, silver and computer. He is the axe-murderer who once met Andy Griffith.