Believe In Happiness

I need somebody to believe
That what I feel
Is not so unreal

People sit and waste their lives away
Maybe things will change
Another time
Another day…

Being happy is not so bad
It’s being sad
That makes you mad
And as soon as everybody understands
Their friends are there to take their hands
Their lives will change for better, not worse
And they can peel away
From the immortal curse

People must learn to love themselves
And not just them, everybody else!
Whether it sister, brother, friend or foe
And the world will change, someday you’ll know.

Take your life into your arms
And greet it like a new;
Give it what it gave to you:
A fair chance to prove yourself to you
You own desicions of what to do
Direction, hope, faith and love
From your friends and family, and the angels above.

By BrokenDreams

Im.. me... Theres not much to say really...