Believe me or not, it doesnt matter to me…

Me and my cousins were born into the supernatural world. vampires, ghosts, and a shit load of other scary unexplainable stuff. we used to go looking for ghosts on purpose just for the sheer sake of the adrenaline rush and fear. speaking of fear, ya know that tv show, Fear… well thats what we did, except on purpose and without much fear at all. we kinda got used to the fact that not much people are like us. man have we had some adventures. hoorah. please tell me what you think, i need to know.

By Jhugker

I love Rock N' Roll and metal. my favorite bands are led-zeppelin, tool, pantera, and pink floyd. i LOVE the dark, and i love supernatural stuff like vampires and and any creature of the night.


  1. why do you need to know? surely this has fuck all to do with the outside world.

  2. hey bitch, dont argue.if i want to know, its my business, so fuck off.

  3. lol only one person gets to call me bitch, since i’m male.
    you can call me somethin else equally offensive if you want thought, i got no problems with that.

    aint arguin, just curious. take some valium or somethin

  4. eat a dick cock munchin ass goblin. iv done everything except valium, and heroin. valium wouldnt help.

    P.S. . . . . . . . . . Bitch.

  5. lmao

    you seriously think that’s the worst i’ve ever heard? not even close love, but keep tryin, it’s good for a laugh

  6. two words — anger management.

    i don’t think it’s such an adrenaline rush. i go ghost hunting too.

    ps. you wanted to know what we think so why such anger when one responds?

  7. Yay for blacklight. And…. err. I think a lot of people go ghost hunting. Yeah. It’s just something people tend to do if they think a place is “haunted”.

    (oh, and by the way…. Blacklight, if no one can call you a bitch, can I call you mumsy?)

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