The tender sole I once knew was dead,
Now in its place is a cold hard stone of remembrance over the mangled body of my beloved.
No one knew what it felt like to have his cold hard fingers wrap around your body,
But now I feel nothing, I feel as cold and as dark as the throbbing black heart within.
He has now become a living breathing corps,
Ripe with the scent of the underworld.
For reality is coiled between the veins of his twisted mind.
Once he was mine, a kind, caring, loving sole,
But now that the darkness has taken him, he is banished to the depths of his own blood.
Never to rise from the pits of Hell, but to live off of the life of others.
A life of eternal condemnation.
The weak withered sole cries out into the night’s sky, unable to escape from fear that has taken over and reared its ugly head.
Captured and alone it too dies, and now there is nothing left of my beloved but a rotting love deep within an echo of a hollow heart.
The rain comes down, falling like teardrops, hoping to ease my pain.
I lay down next to my beloved to be joined together in the afterlife, never to love again.
I shed a single tear in remembrance of the man I once called, beloved.

By Why don't I just change my name back to Hitler

Like I'm going to tell you.