Bending walls

She was riding her demon of passions through the gates he had already opened for her. Somehow the past refused to die but she refused to let it get to her understanding ways. Just like an array of sadness she wept over the most glorious things, and when darkness was nowhere to be found she could just stand there pointlessly hoping for a bit more. She fed yet always ravenous for more and her dreams were but the bending walls of her own pathetic reality.

Felt what there was to feel and she decided to turn around, looking for more withered grounds. Like an angel of death she had no conscience, no hate, no emotions » Yet the tears that fell on her cheeks were merely drops of blood only there to prove that she was still alive. And beyond those grey eyes lied so much more than anyone could see. Had he seen this? Had he felt her inside? No one knew except her. And the answer still remained ambiguous. Ravages to the dormant slave, and she could slave no more. Behind her prison of tainted scares she knew nothing about what went on around her. Convinced that there is only one path, and one path leading to nowhere at all. She hid behind her walls, her bending walls, as the thickness of her sorrow grew thicker every day. Apparitions were made scarce, and so was her love…

By die Krähe

I am darkness incarnated.I am but a Crow, flying above desolated lands, in search of what only exists in the realm of the forsaken...Ich bin Aine die Hexe, A solitaire Witch...


  1. MourningStar put it best.

    You know a piece is good when you have to speak it aloud to yourself to experience its full effect.


  2. That was awsome! rarely read out loud myself but had to on this one… yep it was great continue please

  3. I seriously don’t know what to make of all these oh so positive coments
    but danke schön to all….truly astounds me

  4. no reason for it to astound you, good writing gets good feed back. and this was more than good

  5. *** “lay” not “lied”

    sorry ……. that was annoying me.

    well erm …… to me it really meant nothing. I mean, I’m sure that’s just me being unresponsive, although usually i’m not.

  6. didnt ask you to be responsive
    and yes, lay but not lied, but keep in mind that maybe i really meant lie

    turn the meaning of the phrase around lad, or lass

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