best friend?

just dont
dont even start with me
you dont know
what youre talking about

you have no clue
how i feel
when you dont even notice
me right beside you
when you dont want to talk to me
because im too down
and you dont want to be that way
so you bailed
you didnt talk to me
when i wanted to call you
tell you everything
you said “leave me alone”
when i wanted to tell you
of the pain i feel
you said “dont call me”
so i called someone else
they didnt want to talk either
cant you see
you’re part of what does this to me
dont preach me
if you cant even tell
how you helped
dont give me a lecture
on my stupid actions
when you just as much
put that razor in my hand

Categorized as poetic

By xsilentXscreamsx

i am a very boring person, trust me i would know im around myself all the time, but anyhoo... im 14, i hate my life, but what else is new? i get labeled as punk/gothic, mainly gothic, i hate labels because they are stupid and just another way to stereotype people, i live in Bellingham, WA (which you've probably never heard of) and if anyone cares, i am bi, and if you're homophobic you're stupid... dont get me started on that subject... i want to die... i dont care if people say they care, they dont show it, i dont care if people dont care, because in any case thats all i expect of them, someday ill make it, and ill go by as peacefully as i came, no one on here will notice, and i dont expect you to care.