Bethlehem Hospital

She screams in the white room,
But no one can hear her.
People walk by,
Sometimes peering in at her,
But not acknowledging her pleas.

They give her pills,
But she protests.
So they tie her down.
They stick her with needles
And shock her with wires.

She tells them that she’s fine,
But they don’t believe her.
They throw her back
In that cold, white room.

She cries, all alone in darkness.
She listens to the silence as it surrounds her.
She sings to pass the time.
Counts to a million and back
As she stares at the shadows.

They start to form shapes.
But she pushes them away.
She is not crazy.
She’ll prove it.

The days turn into weeks
Then months, then years.
She screams at them,
In her white padded room.
She can’t stand their cold, blank stares.

She takes her pills, like a good little girl
She doesn’t fight the people in white clothes.
She tried not to go crazy.
But, somewhere she slipped.

Somewhere, she forgot
That shadows are just shadows.
They are now her Darkness Friends.