A greying light shines across the marble tombs. each stone glows a faded silver in the midnight light. alone she stands , head bent, reading. her words are falling, mingling with the tear drops land silently upon an olde and broken stone.

“dear beloved,
dear betrothed. the sun brings me no light. for its tarnished rays bring forth yet another day without you. another day that my broken soul must walk alone. the days of our young love are now decaying memories of a life i will never again have the pleasure of enjoying. still fresh in my mind are the cerulean eyes that changed ever so quickly from a deep ocean blue to the gray of the stormy sky. those eyes still haunt my dreams. still i wake cold, and solitary. my love, i cannot wish to join you in your marble sepulchre. it surely is a sin to with for an end to life. at the same tone, i cannot hope to live a life free from the burdens of my heart. for my heart still feels a phantom pain. still feels your touch. still your graveyard kiss.”

She falls heavely unto the freshly covered grave. but does not stop reading.

“so sleep now my heart. your pain is felt by all who have lost now my soul, your anguish will not breath life into the dead and cold body of my beloved.”

Reaching an ice-blue hand from beneath her woven cloak, her thin fingers trace the name carved in the marble stone. Angst.

“on earth, our paths shall not cross again. but in the other world, we shall meet, and our pain will be our strength. my love, my bride, in life, we shall die, but in death, we shall be eternal”

She closes her eyes, the beautiful eyes that belong only to the seraphs of heaven. Her beloved dreams. Silver spirits dance with eyes of the deepest blue. “Sleep my dear” they sing. “For when you sleep eternal, we shall be together.” Sleep, and see me again.


By Falyn

"the moon, she hangs like a cruel portrait, soft winds whisper the bidding of trees, as this tragedy starts with a shattered glass heart, and the midnightmare trampling of dreams..." ~CoF