Friendship is a gift,
A gift we all receive,
Friends say they’re there forever,
This we all believe.

Time you spend together,
Time your not alone,
Endless nights talking,
Upon the telephone.

They like it when you’re happy,
They help when you are sad,
Friends say they’ll stay forever,
Even when things go bad.

They say they’ll keep your secrets,
They say they’ve never lied,
You don’t think twice about telling them,
You have nothing to hide.

You trust them more than ever,
You think they’ll always stay,
But others see right through them,
And tell you not to play.

Why do we believe them,
Why do we think they’ll stay,
As soon as things get hard,
These friends all go away.

They make up little stories,
They think its all good fun,
When people see them lying,
That’s when they start to run.

They slowly get more popular,
Your not needed any more,
They snub you for the others,
It’s like you’re just a bore.

Friends they come and go,
And things will always be the same,
There is one thing you can be sure of,
In the end only enemies remain.

Friends will never change,
No matter where you go,
You just have to find someone genuine,
Then you’re sure to know.

Know that they’re not lying,
Know they’ll never leave,
This is what we hope for,
This is what we believe.

This was meant to be happy,
But how can you stay that way,
When all your friends desert you,
In every possible way.