Beyond the Beyond

I see as I walk through all these valleys with their shadows that there’s a few who presume to hijack the comments of the many. They appear as 5 villianous deamons in the darkness, all of the same mind and fight over the scraps that they leave behind and call each other names from the recessess of their godforsaken psyches.

No more do I see the intelligence that a thought had started with, dimly glowing out from the cold shadows of the night. Now they all seem to end with snippers back and forth, carrying their petty little black/red/white flags in a roudy march onward and beyond the beyond. Falling in on themselves from the weight of their own thunderous roar.

And do we still listen to these, from the outpourings of our computer screens?…maybe…but some of us do not reply anymore. Then the game is over, done and laying in wait for voices no more. Ignorance is the only reply in the veil of night as it covers to smother away the infernal noise and bikkering of the few in the dark dark seas of the many.

So now I retire to the recesses of my own self and wait for those who have a thought out there, faceless yet known to me in some way. There are better fields to plough and finer ways to search the soul for the darkness that reaches for the light.

This isn’t a story, it’s just the way I feel at the moment about all this…

By Voltarrens

A Graphic, Fine and Multimedia Artist currently studying at Victoria University in Computer Mediated Art. This also includes written works, poetry as well as an ongoing on line Novel of fantasy fiction available through my website. As well as all this, I also compose music with computer software and post it on the net at various sites. Science Fiction, fantasy and horror have been long time interests of mine over the many years, a lot of my artistic work reflects this...


  1. You know? For a change, I actualy feel like posting here again. I admit, I’m getting a little tired of the bickering online these days… I came to get away from it in life.

    I’m half tempted to get a good book collection, and sell my comp.

    Then again, it may not be a problem, I’m not here very often anymore.


  2. the pain is amplified once we stop trying. but sometimes one omust question whether the pain of trying is worse than tha pain one feels when one chooses to stop.

  3. You realise I was refereing to posts on Darkness in my own cryptic way… There’s a dead give away in one of the symbols I’ve used…

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