Beyond The Veil Of Night

(**This submit topic belongs under “Poetic-Vampires”**)

Walking beyond the veil of night.
Velvet loneliness has taken flight.
Silver liquid goddess is ushered in.
A blushing bride untainted by sin.
Pallid moon rides nocturnal black wings.
Windswept stars shivers as the breeze sings.
The night seduces me and I obey.
Falling into beckoning arms without delay.
I, a moth lured into a covetous flame.
Singes my soul as it’s laid to claim.
Undressing me of flesh and bones.
All my inessentials discarded like stones.
Drunken flesh imprinted by chilled fingers.
Marble fangs clench for drops that lingers.
Time shudders as my heart forgets to beat.
Behind the mask of a god smiles the devil.
Crimson yen awakens the flesh with revel.
An immortal kiss endures timeless restraints.
Beyond the veil of night we are perpetual saints.

By Madame Poe