Black Rose

You took a torch with burning flames.
You stole my heart which you had claimed.
All those words you said, the one’s you forced in my head, Everything comes to an end, now those words are simply dead

The rose you sent, after we met, is filed away, in a cage,
Why I left, I’m never to forget, the one emotion caused by rage.
I see the bleeding color as I take out the rose,
I wash the bleeding color, with a special hose.
The red flowed off, covering the streets,
Our paths go on, again to meet.
I walk away, as I plot out my life full of dark,
With one look at the colorless rose, I make my heavy dark mark.
Slowly the rose goes black, it takes on my life.
In mere minutes, Blasting with black, there goes the deadly rose,
The one and the only deadly, Black Rose.