Black Suit Gunman

Public. House. Gardens.Faces.Unknown. Hiding. Public. We. Protecting her.Watching. See him.Black suit searching.Hiding. Watching.Black suit moving.Nearer.We. Aware. Tensions.Too near. Time to move. Avoid. Aware. Maze. Thin trees.Protection. Trap. Manoeuvred.Panic. Uncertain.Black suit nearer.Spotted. Reaction.Panic.Crowd. Haven. Walk fast.Faces. Fear. Walk faster.Sorry. More people. Crowd. Blockage. Separation.Black suit closing.She. Pushed through door.Hiding. Safe. No. Too obvious.Can’t make it. They. Disappeared.Black suit sees me.Black suit running.At me.Move. Where? Shit.Dodge. See door. Can make it.Black suit gaining.Almost.There.Shrieks.Vision. Gun.Bullet’s whistle.Shit.Plaster fragments. Quick. Go. Door.Through. Lock.No one. Quiet. Empty room.Body. Shaking. Heart pounding.Body. Fear. Eyes look.Breathe. Sunlight.Breathe. Window.Breathe. Gunshot.Shit.Look. Table. Look up. Ventilation.Breath fast. Heart fast. On table.Pounding door. Shit.Gunshot. Split door. Reaching up. Metal Grid. Can’t reach. Help. Breath. Need. Wanting.Can’t reach.Door open.Can’t reach.Gun.Man.Bright.Eye.Gun.Shot.Shot.Shot.Impact. Lift hands. Impact. Through hands. Impact. Head.No pain.Sensation. Lift hands. Blood. Fascination.Blood.Bone.Head. Leaking. No pain.Strange.Sensation. Leaking. No shape.Odd. Unpleasant. Situation.Blood. Scared. No way. Fading. Growing.Pain.No.Pain.No.Pain.copyright debra lee 2000

By DebonyRain

I'm a dreamer...a drop of ebony in the rain...guess that's the best description, what with my cherry cigarettes and earl grey tea. I write a lot, try to inspire myself to take more pictures, play dark and bloody and odd computer games when my body's telli