Blame it all on ignorance

Blame it all on ignorance……

Not another word not another breath
We’ve reached the coming age of death
Raping the mind of innocence
Feeding lies to the maggots

From splintered alters of hate
This is our democracy
Let’s watch it burn to the ground
The children dance with torches in hand
They know not what they do
Forgive us father for the death we cause
For the savage hatred that we breed
For the blind faith we put in you
For the innocence we destroy
We know not what we do

Just a little something I wrote one day while listening to a debate in world religions class…..

By cAgEdAnGeL

"It is easier to stab someone in the back than look them in the eye...society is built upon this principle and is universal amongst those who rule" --Freidrich Nieztche