Blessed Bealtaine all

I hope everyone who is pagan/wiccan whatever had a blessed beltaine.

I am Irish pagan so I celebrated my beltaine on april 28th, the date I became engaged IRL too my Soulmate and “Sire” for lack of a better word for he awakened me by bite and his blood, and i am one of the few latent psi vamps who believe in turning (of unawakened vampires only though not regular joes and janes on the street)

I hope everyone is thankful for the return of life into the earth, as winter receeds and light blesses the world again.

My Fiancee started a new tradition, for engagement I think, we did not bother with rings, he bought us two gothic-celtic crosses, which are silver (of course) and have drops of red on each end and in the middle which look like drops of blood.

I thought this was cool and wnated too share my good joy with all. Blessed Bealtaine all.

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By LadyChrys

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