Blind Eye

“Forever thy tongue in exile from thy words,”

He watched her raving on wondering if any of her words meant anything even to her. Whether there was much truth to madness he had not yet deciphered. Her eyes showed the exhaustion from the lack of sleep she had been suffering.

Her words strained and desperate yet filled with an upheld conviction. Realizing this, he found her belief in her words compelling and pitied such a beautiful girl would be so mad.

“Do thee not see? Thy own soul is blackened!! Thou tongue of lies,” her eyes narrowed in on Tom, he felt shamed by her piercing stare despite himself he turned away to shield that shame. Finding strength he turned back and looked deep within her eyes and for a split second he saw the clouds in her eyes part to reveal a great sadness. Her madness consumed her once again and she turned to other passers by.

He realized then she had been crying for some time, alone away from the site of others. Even now she barely withheld the tears, as if the madness was the shield her from something terrible.

The more he studied her the more striking she seemed, piece by piece her features made sense to him and revealed such beauty he felt a trance come over him. He imagined helping her through such hard times, taking her in and curing her of this insanity and ease that glimpse of sorrow he beheld. It suddenly occurred to him that she was aware of his staring. She had calmed in her feverish speech, he also noted she was avoiding his glance.

“Thy eyes through mine flesh, mirrors in the dark,” She muttered in a low tone to the ground about her feet, one that he barely could perceive over the crowds about him. She swayed in silence, softy and slowly hugging her self in a lovers embrace. Pulling away from her he studied his hands, clenching is left fist. ‘With these hands I have the power to take life, why can I not restore it. I feel powerless,’ he thought to himself. Thinking to have tortured him self enough he turned away from the girl and headed off determined not to turn back. Such hopes were in vain at the sound of her screams he turned back all too eagerly and found two soldiers on her, they pulled her away from the platform her futile screams spawning no assistance from the crowds.

“Just another crazy girl, leave her be,” he reminded himself.

Her screams intensified in desperation, she struggled to free herself from the soldier’s grip. The second soldier stood in front of her admiring their captive and began to caress her. She released a high-pitched scream which the soldier payed back in full with a blow to the face.

She drooped over and blood streamed down from her face, time slowed as Tom watched the droplets spill onto the floor. The soldier cursed and spat at her before heaving his fist into her chest getting a drive from the power he had over her. The other soldier that held her down laughed and cheered on his companion.

Tom watched her; she seemed so beautiful, so innocent. The soldiers began to drag her off into the alley where she was to be raped and killed. Shaking such morbid thoughts from his head he turned and left her. The orphaned girl would not be missed.


  1. u have an idea of what u r and not others for which u dont deserve any apreciation

  2. Thy: your
    Thine: yours
    Thou: you (+verb) (Doth thou not see?)
    Thee: you (but not with a conjugated verb)
    do: doth

    Once you learn proper grammar and spelling, you’ll be magnificient. All this imagery and ideas behind them…impressive.

  3. Very good i like the way you write and belive you should write more.

  4. This text is a fine example of how ignorant and impassive we are capable of being. Using a male to watch a hopeless female being overpowered was a great way of revealing the sexual comparison that is often present. From the language used by the distressed girl we can assume that this piece was set around the First World War or even just to show that she is not just another “crazy girl”. Tom’s reactions to her reveals that he is falling in love with her just by the vision and how he can imagine living the rest of his life with this strange girl who he is watching being tormented. Yet through all this he still makes no move in the way of assistance, all to keep him safe. This writer has a gift of forcing the reader to feel the emotions of his characters, may it be the pain and sorrow of a defenceless girl or the guilty conscience of a boy. It is a distressing thought to think that someone could know the immediate destiny of someone they would willingly love and care for yet do nothing to prevent their terrible fate. This writer has great potential and I hope that they continue to use their talents to educate us.

  5. This peom or what ever i read is somtnig that i have never read before.It is dark and wierd.But romantic in a way.It speaks of pain.And every thing dark.I love iti give it a 100

  6. What is this mindless scribble.
    The grammer and spelling in this text is comical, what were you thinking?

  7. this is a great piece of work. you need to try to understand where each character is comming from. then you would understand it a little bit better.

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