Blood Dripping Roses***Chapter 11

To Ebony surprise, the castle was kept in very good order. She saw things around the place that could sale for a lot of money she was sure. Old oil paintings, and objects that seemed to be thousands of years old.

Blood Dripping Roses
Chapter 11

To Ebony surprise, the castle was kept in very good order. She saw things around the place that could sale for a lot of money she was sure. Old oil paintings, and objects that seemed to be thousands of years old.
Ebony had wondered around the entire place with wide eyes trying to take everything in that she saw. Within hours, she mapped a small direction through the house to certain rooms and the liberty. Of the home.
(There’s not telling how many rooms are in the place. But it’s certainly an well kept place. Is this where I will be living the rest of my life?)
Through her small wonder around the home, Ebony couldn’t help but notice that there was servants everywhere. And everywhere that she went, they looked up at her with wide eyes as if wanting to ask her a question about who she was and where she was from. But didn’t dare and when Ebony looked at them, they would quickly turn back to their work in fear of being yelled at. The ages of the girls, and there was nothing but girls, ranked from ages Five and up to maybe 25. But no more than that.
(If that jerk thinks he’s going to keep me locked up in the shit place of a home, I’ll show him!)
Nine o-clock came around quickly for Ebony. She later found herself sitting in a dining room only fit for a King. It was, like the rest of the house, well decorated. Pictures hung on the wall which made her wonder if you should eat or look around at each panting of art. The table thats he sat was a black wood that matched the red carpet that rounded the table.
Ebony sat in front of Vincent whom only had a glass sitting in front of him which was filled with, Ebony guess, Red Wine.
-“Your not eating.” Vincent pointed out as he sat down his wine glass and continued to look as it. His voice echoed around the room and it seemed to shake the Servant whom stood to the side at how deep his voice sounded. It was clouded with a hit of anger.
-“I’m not hungry.” Ebony murmured as she frowned at the green colored soup in a fancying looking bowel before her. She was hungry before. But now looking down at the soup an it’s foul smell that it was giving off, she lost her need for food.
-“You have not eaten in a while.”
-“What makes you think so Master Vincent?” Ebony asked as she tried to be as sweet as she could.
-“Do not be foolish!” Vincent snapped as his eyes locked on Ebony from across the table. “You and I both know that it has been over 24 hours since you last ate. The last thing I need in my home is a sick girl because she wants to play games.”
-“I am not playing a game!”
-“Eat.” Vincent hissed as his hand begin to ball up, clinging the table cloth.
Ebony smirked at his at attempt to scare.
-“I said I wasn’t hungry.” Ebony said to him slowly.
-‘And I said eat the damn food.” Vincent said as he moved from his chair and closer to Ebony.
-“You know-I want to know where you get off on how you seem to think you own me!” Ebony said as she looked up at Vincent when he stopped to her chair.
-“Come again?” Vincent questioned.
-“You seem to think That I’m suppose to do everything that you tell me to do! Well fuck you Vincent! I’m no ones slave!! No one owns me nor tells me what you do!” Ebony shouted as she stood up, facing Vincent but only coming to his shoulder.
-“How dare you!” Vincent roared making Ebony take a step back. “You stupid bitch! You do belong to me! Ever cell in your body is mine! And it is I who chose what it is you do! If I tell you to do something, then you will do!”
-“I’m not a dog you can order me around!” Ebony shouted back.
-“Do you know what they call a female dog? A Bitch! And that’s what you are! All of you! And since you want to act like a disobedient bitch, then that what I am going to call you! So once again, eat the soup, you Bitch!”
The word itself seemed to burn Ebony in her face. Anger roared up in her like nothing she had ever encountered. With the anger that boiled in her, Ebony slapped the bowel of soup to the floor. The hot, green soup not only splashed on the floor, but also slashed on the pant leg of Vincent’s Jeans, also, the bowl had broken too with a loud crash.
Horrified at Ebony’s actions, the two servants looked at each other with dead fear of what might happen next. One of the servants took off though the doubles doors and out of the dining room. However, the braver, red headed servant quickly went tot he scene of the mess, dropping to her knees with a rag in her hands.
Vincent growled, and he jerked the young servant up so hard by the arm, she cried out in pain as he pushed her way from the mess.
-“GET OUT!!” Vincent shouted so loudly Ebony felt the need to run too.
(What the hell have I done! This crazy man-he’s going to kill me!! Why did I do that!> What was I thinking!?)
When the servant turned to ran fro the door, Ebony did the same, expect before she could move a step, Vincent iron like grip grabbed her arm, spun her around to face him, he gave Ebony two back handed slaps that sent Ebony to the floor with taste of blood in her mouth and a wave of dizziness over her.
Before Ebony could sit up, Vincent grabbed her by the hair and pushed her face only inched from the green liquid soup.
-“Lick it up!” Vincent hissed in Ebony’s ear.
-“No!” Ebony cried out as she tried her best to keep a strong voice.
-“I said LICK IT UP!! Since you can not eat at the table like a trained pet, then you will lick the shit off the floor!”
-“You can burn in hell if you think I’m going to do what you say!” Ebony turned her head in a angel, and bit as hard as she could into Vincent’s arm.
Vincent cruised in pain and threw Ebony back away from him with such streath, it caused Ebony to lose her balance, landing hard on her back, her head crashing into the marble floor that cause stars in her eyes as she screamed in pain now. Vincent however, wasn’t done with her yet.
He lifted her up over his shoulder and slammed her down on the table with a bang. Trapping her body with his, Vincent leaned over her with a hand on her neck, squeezing lightly.
-“YOU BITCH!! How dare you act like this!! Now you have learned what it means to disobey me!”
Ebony wasn’t done. She screamed with all her might as she kicked and struggled under the great hold. Vincent drew back and punched her in the stomach, knocking the air out of her. As Ebony struggled to breath, Vincent’s lips were suddenly on her demanding as kiss. His lips were hard, yet demanding, his tongue slipped into her mouth before she could resent. Vincent’s hands caption both of Ebony’s wrists while he pressed his body down on hers. When the though of biting down on his tongue came to mind, But he pulled away before she was given the chance.
Vincent looked down at her smiling.
-“I will surly break you yet. I will not allow you disrespect me in any ways! And you know what, I think I will have fun doing so. Now clean up this mess!”
Ebony waited until Vincent had exited the dining room before she fell to her knees, sobbing. Not only she was angry, but she was also hurt.
A few moments later, the servant that had tried to clean up the mess before came to Ebony’s side.
-“Milady, I’ll clean this up. Let me take you to your room.” the girl was young and had a voice of a begging little girl. Ebony followed however.
Once in her room, Ebony didn’t even take the moment to look around. All she wanted now was sleep. She undressed quickly as the servant girl gather everything that she took. off.
-“May I add, Milady, that was the bravest thing I’ve ever seen anyone done.” the girl sat as she stood to the far right of Ebony as she pulled a grown over her head.
Ebony looked over at the young girl and smiled.
-“And it was the dumbest thing too. What’s your name?”
-“Master Vincent told me that my name is Canon.”
-“Told you?”
The red head shrugged her shoulders.
-“Yes. I’ve been here longer than I remember. Maybe a child. But he told me from now on, my name was Canon.”
Ebony laid ed back on the bed as the girl named Canon left her alone in the dark. Turning over to her side, her eyes wondered to the window that showed nothing but land in a distance. Ebony eyes widen as she sat up and walked over to the window, looking out. Her room, she guessed must have been 3 feet up. But she also notice-
(There’s no one down there!)
Ebony rushed to her bed as she grabbed her sheets off her bed, she made a plan to escape.

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