Blood Dripping Roses***Chapter 13

Blood Dripping Roses
Chapter 13

As Ebony slowly came to her since, she knew that once again, she was inside and lying on a bed. Her hand went right to her neck where she felt the bandage going around it, proving that all that she remembered last, was real.
“It’s about time you wake.”
Ebony turned her head to the side to find Vincent lying beside her propped on some pillows, eyes closed. She let out a desperate moan as she begin to cry again, looking away.
“What are you crying about!?” Vincent snapped as he glanced at her.
“Your…really…a-a vam-“
“A vampire! Your point being!?”
“Cory was really killed by a vampire!”
Vincent raised a eye brow and looked down at Ebony.
“CORY!!” Ebony shouted. “Cory-my boyfriend! My so called friend Neely had Cory killed because she sold me to you! It’s true that it was a vampire!!”
Vincent moved until he over Ebony who had stopped crying in fear of what was about to happen.
“Who told you this!?”
Ebony lightly gasped.
(Oh no! Ezekiel told me not to say anything!)
Vincent then smirked.
“So Ezekiel told you then huh?”
“But how?”
“I’m a vampire Slave.” Vincent poked Ebony on the forehead. “I can hear everything you think about. So it was Ezekiel told you this?”
Ebony shook her head.
“He didn’t tell me word from word but it wasn’t like I couldn’t figure it out.”
Vincent looked closer at Ebony then smiled.
“Alright, you not lying I see. So fine…is that what you believe to have happened?”
“It is what happened.” Ebony whispered as she turned her head away and put her hand to her neck.
“You know,” Vincent said as he sat back down on his side. “it wouldn’t have hurt so if you had not fought me. Bites can be pleasurable it you are clam.”
“I never want that to happen again!” Ebony snapped.
“You say that as if you have a choice in the matter. But you don’t. And I will have you any way that I want when I want it. You are my property! I bought you with my money and I assure you, you were no simple price. Your dealer demanded so much for you, I almost turned the offer down. But now I see, you are well worth every cent that I paid. Never have I had a slave with such fighting sprite in her.”
Ebony turned her back to Vincent. She would have slid out of the bed to get as far away from him as she could. But her blood loss still made her feel very weak.
“I will run from you until I either get away or you kill me.”
“You would choose death over life?”
“Living here is not living!”
Vincent laughed.
“Don’t you worry puppet, I won’t let you get too far from me from now on. Death is too good for a person such as yourself. And if you choose to disobey my orders again-“ Vincent hand went to Ebony’s thigh where he slowly raised the side of her thin dress. “then I will take things feather than they have to go.”
Ebony energy seemed to return at that very moment and she quickly jumped away from Vincent whom begin to laugh as she rolled to the floor and away from him.
“So I have founded a fear in you, have I? Maybe now I can get some respect from you.”
“If you dare to try and lay a hand on me-I will bite my tongue and bleed to death! I will find one of your sharpest knife in you kitchen and I will cut my self so deep, it won’t take longer than 5mins. for me. I will throw myself from the highest window and fall to my death! What ever it takes, you will NEVER own me!”
Ebony’s back was pressed up against the wall as Vincent moved so close in her face, there noise were brushing.
“You forget yourself again Slave! Cut your self or bite and try to make yourself bleed to death, I will stop it with pleasure my dear! I can smell blood within a mile way within my own home. So don’t even think about sneaking away to kill yourself. And if you were to fall to your death, it wouldn’t take long for me to tell once you hit the wind. I will catch you!” Vincent hissed. “Don’t you dare try and threaten me with your death. I told you, death is too good for a bitch like yourself!”

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