Blood Dripping Roses***Chapter 14

Blood Dripping Roses
Chapter 14

“What to know why Milord has been so angry lately?”
Ebony looked up from her book at Canon who was dusting the room.
“Isn’t that how he always is?” she asked.
It had been a week in the Castle of Lord Vincent. But lately, Ebony had not seen much of her master. In fact, she only heard him from somewhere in the castle, yelling and screaming at someone or something that had been going on for quiet a while. But she was happy that she didn’t have to deal with that.
“I think I prefer him angry.” Ebony answered after a moment. “I haven’t seen him and I think that good.”
Canon shrugged her shoulder as she pulled out a few books and dusted them.
“In any case, Milord is in huge debt.”
“A vampire can get in debt?”
Ebony felt odd having the word vampire come out of her mouth. Wasn’t a word she was quiet use to. But in a way, she said it in a sarcastic way.
“Oh yes mamma.” Canon went on. “it would seem that you are the reason that he is that way.”
“Boy, don’t I feel bad about that.” Ebony said.
“Yes, it would seem that the person who was selling you wanted more than Milord had. But for some odd reason, he paid that much for you.”
“Not that I’m flared by that, but why me? I mean you make this sound like something that he doesn’t always do.”
Canon shook her head.
“Oh no-no. Never have I seen. Why do you think that so many of us looked at you the way that we did. We might be only maids, but we do know Milord’s affairs. It would seem that he is in need of more slaves. That way he can sell them to the other slave owners that are around these parts.
Ebony places her book down and begin to think out loud.
“So it’s like this, Vincent needs slaves so he goes out and just pick up any girl? Just like that?”
“Yes mamma. There are exceptions. If a person is in need of money, any person out there in the world, and they know of this place and branch, then they can suggest a person to Milord and he can buy if he approves. But the girl has to be a special person to be concerned a part of this island. And you mostly, because Milord was in need of a Main Slave.”

Ebony laid back as she closed her eyes and allowed her mind to wonder.
~(I have to find a way to escape from this place. Maybe Vincent will get mad at me enough to just send me away. It has to be better than this.)
And then, something came to mind that Ebony had not though about since Vincent had told. Something that she was told not to do. Slowly she sat up as it seemed to come to her all at once.
“Vincent once told me not to go on the 8th floor of this castle. What could be so damn special on that floor that I can’t see!? Maybe there is a way out that way, or maybe I’ll learn something. I might even make him mad enough to send me away. I doubt that he will kill me. If I’m worth as much as Canon made it out to be, then maybe my odds are good with escaping.”
Pulling up the pale, purple dress, Ebony quickly slipped on her flat slipper and crept out of the room. It was dark out and she was sure that her master was sleeping the time, or so she hoped.
“I hope he stays busy, I might find something on this 8th floor that’s so forbined. I should have asked Canon about it. But then, she might have told me too not to go there.”
As Ebony walked up the starts that led to the 8th floor after walking for a moment, she notice how dice the air started to become, but continued on. When she reached the end of the starts she hissed a cruse word as she came up on a giant metal door.
“Damn! I hope it’s not locked!”
But to her surprise, it wasn’t locked at all and when she pushed up against the door, it opened easily. The door lead to a long, very narrow hallway that was only let by small flames along the sides. This hallway was unlike any other hallway in the place, and seemed to be a whole different part to the castle.
Halfway down the hallway however, Ebony stopped and looked around herself to find doors on either side of her, all looking the same.
“This is like a giant fun house-pick a door and win a prize.”
Because all of the doors looked the same, Ebony just finally picked out and opened it very slowly.
In doing so-she founded a long hallway that at the end of it, it lead down a stairway.
“What the hell is this!?” Ebony asked around as she closed the door and peered down the stars.
Something within Ebony told her not to go down the starts that it wasn’t a such a good idea to be heading down a dark stairway. But her heart was set on escaping and so she went, holding onto the wall so that she might not trip. The feather she went down the stars-the less she could see and a chill ran up her spin as she went on.
When Ebony stepped at the bottom of the stars- a smell like non she had ever smelled hit her in the face with a strong, hot, sink.
“GOD!” Ebony moaned as she covered her noise and walked forward into something she never expected to see.
The room that she walled into was like a military control base. There was a very large TV that showed an entire map of the world. Of cores the room was empty so it gave Ebony a chance to look around. There was computer and all types of electronic things all around. Paper was every yet in neat stacks and the room looked as if everyone had just went on a lunch break.
Ebony walked up to the map and notice many little points on the map that was blinking. Looking at the map for a long while, she then notice a cluster of lights on a very small island. Inwardly, she gasped.
“If, I’m think correctly- this is a map of a location of vampires! It has to be. These little lights are where vampires are in different parts of the world. And here, this island by the red sea had got to b e where we are!”
“You’re very smart to figure that all out!”
Ebony spun around in fear to find non other than Tommie, one of the ones that brought her to the Dark Island.
“What are you doing here?” Tommie questioned stepping closer. “Milord would kill you if he founded you here! This is a private room! Didn’t he tell you not to come to the 8th floor!?”

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