Blood Dripping Roses***Chapter 15

Blood Dripping Roses
Chapter 15

Ebony shook in fear at how angry Tommie was, but feared more towards what her master would say.
“Please Tommie- don’t tell him! I’m sorry-I was just-“
“Snooping!” Tommie conformed crossing his arms.
“No-that’s not it.”
Slowly, Tommie’s face changed to a lighter mood and her begin to laugh.
“You should see you face! It’s classic! I must have had you really worried that I was going to tell the master on you. So you know how he is now?”
“I do and I don’t like it mind you.” Ebony said crossing her arms too.
“Well-Don’t worry-I have no plans on telling on you. Besides, it’s not like Vincent is one of my fariovite people.”
“Thank you.”
Ebony was really glad that Tommie was willing to help her and was too glad that it was he who founded her. She stared at him as nothing about Tommie had changed, hair stilled jelled back, he wore a a-shit that showed off his powerful mislead and a pair of lose blue jeans. To Ebony- if she ever saw Tommie out on the streets, she would have fallen in love with his looks. But then-what girl wouldn’t.
Tommie suddenly busted out laughing again and even double over a bit.
“Is that right? You would fall in love with me? I’m faltered.”
Ebony looked down at the floor as her face grew hot. She had forgotten that vampires could hear her thoughts.
“So tell me-how do you understand this map?” Tommie asked turning serious.
“I’m not sure. I mean-I just stuck the pieces together.” Ebony said looking up at the map too.
“Well I have to hand it to you-beautiful, smart, what else are you?”
“Trying to escape.”
“Oh now that is a big no-no. That I won’t let you do. So don’t make me hurt you o.k.?” Tommie sighted as he looked down at Ebony.
“So tell me, how are you and Milord are doing?”
“I hate him!” Ebony snapped. “He so mean, he’s even hit me twice. And then he…” Ebony’s hand went to her neck where the bite marks hand become a scar and were almost gone. “he bit me.”
“Ah well, that’s gong to happen here.”
“No it won’t!” Ebony shouted, her voice cracking and like a waterfall, tears flowed quickly.
“I won’t ever let him touch me again! I hate him! He hurt me in a way that no one else could ever. I hate it here and everything about! I need help and yet I don’t know here to get it! Why does this have to happen to me!? Why only me!? Why couldn’t this have been someone else!?”
Before Ebony relies it, she had her arms around Tommie, crying into his shirt. It had been a long time since she had had an shoulder to cry on. However, Tommie didn’t seem to mind.
“Don’t worry about it Ebony. Everything will be fine, you’ll see. You’ll learn to even love him one day.” Tommie said while rubbing Ebony back.
Ebony stepped back and looked up at Tommie.
“No-I would never love him! He’s a monster!”
Sighing, Tommie slowly clean the tears from Ebony’s face.
“Don’t let him upset you like this. This a weakness you need not have in this place.”
And then, Tommie kissed her. It was something that Ebony had not expected to happen, yet, she was allowing it to happen.
~I need him. Maybe Tommie can help me.~
The kiss was started of by being soft and yet feather like. But then it turned into a demanding need. Quickly, Ebony pulled away from him.
“No Tommie, we can’t-“
However, Tommie would not take no for an answer. He wrapped his arms back around Ebony and a growl so deep and deadly, Ebony knew what it meant. She had heard it from her master when he bit her that night. And now Tommie was next.
“No! Stop!” Ebony shouted as his mouth descended on her neck . Everything in that small moment had gone wrong.
~I shouldn’t have allowed him to kiss me! He’s a vampire for heaven sakes. What was I thinking?~
Ebony felt fear crap up into her chest as she felt Tommie’s sharp fangs brush her neck, and then he bite. This time, she managed to let out a small scream of pain as she felt as if her neck on that spot was burning. She clenched to Tommie as she felt her knees go weak, but he held on, squeezing her to death .
“What’s going on here!?”
A voice behind them shouted out so loudly, it made Tommie jerk away from Ebony and she fell to the floor in a heap.
As if an vision of an angel, it was Ezekiel face that appeared over her.
“Ebony!!” he shouted in a bit of a panic and lift her to her feet, holding her next to him as he wrapped his arm around her.
Ezekiel shouted Tommie an evil look. “Are you insane!? What were you thinking Tommie!?”
Tommie shook his head and cleaned his mouth with the back of his hand.
“Sorry-sorry. I don’t….don’t know what happened.”
“You haven’t been feeding correctly and it was wrong to take it out on Ebony!”
Tommie looked over at Ebony who was breathing hard into Ezekiel’s chest.
“I can see why Milord paid so much for her. She’s sweet to smell and taste. I’m sure this will be my head and Vincent will be pretty pissed. But I’ll say, it was worth it.”
With that, Tommie left, leaving Ebony with Ezekiel.
Looking down and farming her face, Ezekiel took a close looked at Ebony’s neck.
“Are you o.k. Milady?”
Pulling back a bit, she managed to put her hands on his chest.
“Don’t you touch me-PLEASE!” she moaned. “You monsters! I can’t trust anyone in this damned place!”
“You can trust me Ebony. I will never harm you if you don’t wish it.”
“You harmed me by bring me here!” Ebony shouted back and stepping away from his embrace. “You and everything else here are evil and I don’t want to be touched by any of it!”
Ezekiel sighed as he looked away from her.
“I can’t blame you for hating me, nor not trusting me. But you need a friend now in-”
“I don’t befriend evil THINGS like you!” Ebony sneered. “I hate you all and I trust no one!”
“And that is the way to be.” Ezekiel looked back down at Ebony. “Don’t even trust me. I’m a vampire and God knows what I’ll do to you.”
Ebony didn’t know if Ezekiel was only trying to frighten her or if he was being real. But she took his words to heart as she nodded and backed farther away.
“Your not suppose to be down here Ebony.” Ezekiel said plainly. “Get back up stairs before Master finds out you were here. It would be best if you do not even think about what happened here around him if you know what I mean. He will surly punish you and Tommie both if he knew. Understand?”
Nodding, Ebony left from which she had came and went back up the stairs, thinking the whole way up. The smell this time didn’t bother her on the way up. However, when she reached the top of the stairs and pulled open the door, she gasped to meet Vincent face to face.
Ebony stepped back and trying to think of something to say, but she never got the words out before a mind blowing fist went into her stomach and everything went black.

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