Blood Dripping Roses***Chapter 3

The night air was crisp and cool against Ebony’s skin. Only the moon and the tall lampposts light the way down the long sidewalk. To her surprise, the entire blocks that she walked on seem to be very quiet and empty with no one around. But Ebony didn’t seem to mind this at all.

Blood Dripping Roses
Chapter 3

The night air was crisp and cool against Ebony’s skin. Only the moon and the tall lampposts light the way down the long sidewalk. To her surprise, the entire blocks that she walked on seem to be very quiet and empty with no one around. But Ebony didn’t seem to mind this at all.
(Maybe I need to start trying to get my mind off of Cory a while. He wouldn’t want me to be so unhappy all the time like this.)
Ebony suddenly jumped and spun around at the sound of glass breaking. She let out a sigh of relief when she saw that was nothing but a lamppost had broken and whet out. She turned back around and continued on her way.
(I think I’ll hang out with Amy and Neely tomorrow. After all, they have been good friends and have been trying to help me out allot. I owe them a-)
Another sound of glass breaking made Ebony freeze. She slowly turned around to see that the lamppost next to the other had broken had too. Ebony was about to start walking again when suddenly; all the lampposts seem to explode. She screamed and fell to her kneels as Ebony was suddenly left in total darkness.
Breathing hard, Ebony slowly got to her feet and looked around.
(What in the hell is going one!?) She question as she slowly got to her feet.
As she turned around and looked behind her, she gasped as she could make out the shadow of a tall figure that walked up to her. Ebony baked up a few paces, wishing she had some type of weapon to fight the person off. Or better yet, be able to see.
-“Ebony Millers.” the dark figure said in a deep voice.
-“How the hell do you know my name!?” Ebony demanded angrily and a little frightened.
-“I just received a phone call on your were about. Now that it has been conferred that you are her, I have come to take you now. Now if you would come with me-”
Before the man could finish, Ebony took off running, putting her years of the track team into work. She didn’t dare look back, only hoped her legs would carry her the rest of the way and that the man was not following.
Finally her 2 stories house came into view. She fumbled with her keys at the lock, burst into the house, and slammed the door, locking it beyond her.
-“Mom?! Dad?!” Ebony shouted through the house, but didn’t get any answer.
Sighing to herself, Ebony slid down the down, pulling a hand through her black hair.
(What was that all about!? Who was that guy!? And how did her know my name!? Was that Tommie playing a joke on me?)
Ebony stood back up and peeked out the peek hole to see if he had followed her and founded nothing but her empty dark porch.
(Maybe I should call the police and tell them I was followed? No, I guess that would be stupid and because he didn’t do anything.)
Checking to see if the door was lock for a second time, she made her way to the living. When she reached up on the wall and flipped on the light, her screamed ringed through the air as she saw a man sitting down on her sofa.
-“What took you so long Milady? I’ve been here for 5 minutes.” He said grinning. Ebony quickly notice the voice from the guy outside.
Reaching over to the side, she picked up her lamp.
-“Get out of my house!!” Ebony screamed as she threw the lamp at him. The man laughed as he knocked the lamp away from his face in mid air.
Ebony dashed for the door, the man close behind her. Running up to the door, she tugged on it, forgetting she had locked her. Her hands shock so bad that she fumbled for the lock, wishing she hadn’t lock it. Finally the door was unlocked and she pulled it opened. But a hand flashed on the other side of her face, closing the door, and slamming Ebony up against the door.
-“Be still!” he hissed in her ear.
But Ebony was determined to get away. She threw her head back an hit the mans, lower lip hard. He cursed in pain and stumbled away, giving her the chance to fled. She gave up for the door and went for the stairs, but the stranger had regained himself and halfway up the stairs, she grabbed Ebony’s foot and she fell face first in the stairs, busting her lip.
She mange red to claw away from her attacker her he didn’t have a good grippe on her ankle, making it to her bedroom and locked the door. As soon as Ebony reached the other side of her room to try her window, the man was suddenly at her door, banging and cursing. His attempt to get into her room were so loud and violent that it shook the walls and pictures in her room.
-“Leave me alone!!” Ebony screamed when the door flew open and the mad emerged from it.
With speed that couldn’t be seen, the attacker leapt across the bed and grabbed Ebony’s shoulders, tossing her to the bed. Leaning down over her, he pulled out a blade and held it to her neck, the sharpness of it made Ebony go stuff.
-“You were more trouble than you were wroth Milady! Don’t move!” the man said as his hot breath swept across her face.
-“Get what you came for and please leave!! I won’t tell the police you were here! I promise!” Ebony pleaded.
-“That so nice of you to offer. But I came for you Milady and no, you won’t be telling the police because you won’t be here.”
The man smiled as he stood up pointing the sharp dragger at Ebony.
-“Don’t even think about running.” He said as he pulled out a cell phone form his pocket.
Deiling a few numbers which Ebony tried to see, he then place it to his ear.
-“Yeah…yes…it’s me Ezekiel. I have her now. Were ready. Do you know where the house is? Good…right.”
Ebony sat up on the bed as the man named Ezekiel put his phone away.
-“Ready? Ready for what?” She question.
Ezekiel looked down at her.
-“You don’t know?” he paused to laughed. “Why Milady, you’ve been sold.”

By Dark Angelique77

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