Blood Dripping Roses***Chapter 6

Ebony felt as if she was in a spa. She was cleaned and dressed from head to toe once she got out of the limo form riding with Ezekiel and Tommie. When they averred, Ebony looked up at an old Gothic like house.

Blood Dripping Roses
Chapter 6

Ebony felt as if she was in a spa. She was cleaned and dressed from head to toe once she got out of the limo form riding with Ezekiel and Tommie. When they averred, Ebony looked up at an old Gothic like house. But big, no less. Maids wanted outside once they drove up, and Ebony was taken and washed as if she was a rat off the streets of New York. After everything was done, she sat in a large, yet simple room, not thinking of anything but what should happen next.
(Months from here, I couldn’t believe that my life could get any better. I honestly believed that for once, I was completely happy. I was happy. I and everything I could ask for without going too far. How can something so great be ripped from my hands with a few months? Or more like a night, a day? And then this happens to me!? Why can’t a wake up from this nightmare!?)
Ebony hadn’t relied that she had been crying until Ezekiel came in the room and stood in front of her.
-“For such a fighter, you cry a lot Milady.” Ezekiel comment.
Ebony glared up at Ezekiel thought her tears.
-“Shut up! You’re not the one this is happening too! So just shut up!” she snapped at him.
Ezekiel chuckled as he sat down beside her.
-“I just got finish reading your report.”
-“Everything about you and who sold you.”
Ezekiel ran a hand through his hair, sighing.
-“I’m a bit hastening to tell you. I mean, you do not relies how deep everything is. In fact, the person that sold you, you know VERY well.”
Ebony looked up at him.
-“I do!? Then who!? Why would they sell me!? I don’t understand why this has happened!” Ebony said stiffly.
-“This world, outside of Dark Island, is run by money. It seems that that is the most important thing to everyone. It’s easy to go and pick someone and sell them to us. We expect and pay money for the person. It is a easy Thousand or more. The world is ran by money and that is another easy way to get it. Besides, knowing who sold you doesn’t really matter anymore. You need to look ahead of yourself Milady. That’s-
-“I want to know who did this! Who sold me Ezekiel!? You said it was someone that I know!! Everything in my life seem to burn up in flames all at once! I need to know!”
Ezekiel stood up and walked over to her window.
-“Milady…it’s not very hard to be able to figure this out yourself. Just think of someone around you that came across a lot of money all at once and out of the blue. That is where your story, begins.”
Ebony went stiff. The conors of her eyes seem to et dark as if she was about to faint. Only one person came to mind. One person face could be seen.
(Neely! But…no, this can’t be right! I remember how she suddenly had so much money and lived and said it was from a friend! What kind of friend gets that kind of money! Neely had thousands! She went shopping like everyday! She took us shopping! She took me shopping! We bough everything!!)
-“I take from your expression Milady, you know who did this then?”
-“I do. And I wish more than anything that they were dead.” Ebony sat as tears fell slightly.
-“Well, the story doesn’t end there. Another one who is known to you founded out about the whole ordeal. I don’t know how they came across all of the information about Dark Island. But they knew. And tried to interfere with the exchange and was badly hurt.”
Horrified, Ebony covered her mouth with her shaking hands.
(Cory! Cory knew! It had to be! That’s why he’s dead now. It all makes since now! No wonder Cory tried to leave the country all at once! He was trying to save me and I messed up by saying something to Neely and Amy about it before I left school! If I hadn’t said anything about the trip, I wouldn’t be here…and Cory would be alive!)
Ebony slowly got to her feet and made a ran for the door, swinging it out and fleeing out into he hallway before Ezekiel could grab her.
-“Milady, don’t do this!!” Ezekiel demanding voice shouted out the door, making Ebony freeze in her tracks.
Ezekiel emerged from the door and next to Ebony whom hung her head and sobbed angrily with her fist clanged.
-“Stop running.” Ezekiel said calmly. “No matter how fast you think your running, you won’t get away. Don’t waste your time thinking so. I know this all must be hard for you seeing that everything that has happened is around the people you trusted the most. But this weeping has got to stop. “
Ebony allowed Ezekiel to pull her back into the room stalling down on the bed.
Ezekiel laughed and pulled a hand through his hair.
-“I see that you understand who was behind this. I must say Milady, you have on fight spirit in you. But I warn you to not lose it when it comes to your master and once we are on Dark Island.” his dark eyes turned serially. “But you must give up this act. Master Vincent it the harshest among all the Rocks.”
-“Yes. See the island that we are going to is made up of 10 tall castles, Rock for short. They circle around the island, making it imposable to escape if you even manger to see the sky and grass again. Some slaves only see the sky right before they are taken in. The one that yours and I master is in is within the middle of the circle of Rocks. No one had even attempt to escape from him because it is impossible. Within each Rock, there is a master of it. Our master, because of in the middle, is the leader over all the other master, including his own. Each master has their own slaves. Ones that work or do what ever the master wishes. Within that group of slaves, there is a main slave. That is what you Milady. Being a main slave has only one advantage and that is that you are also over the common slaves. Master Vincent is in control of you all.”
(He thinks this Vincent guy in control of me!)
-“But isn’t being a main slave a good thing?” Ebony questioned trying to stick to the story.
-“In some cases, yes. In your case, no.”

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