Blood Lust- Erotica

Sarah was up in her room making sure everything was in place when the doorbell rang. She smiled to herself as she dashed downstairs to open the doorbell. “Boy will Jon be surprised“, she thought. She opened the door and Jon immediately gave her a kiss and looked her over. “You look great baby,” he said. Sarah was wearing tight black pants and a red corset top, her dark brown hair was pinned up making her look very mature. “I thought we’d hang out in my room ok?” “Sure,” Jon said. Jon followed Sarah up to her room and as he watched her, she was making it totally clear through her body language that she wanted him. As soon as they got in her room, Jon grabbed Sarah around the waist and pulled her to him so he could kiss her. Sarah pulled away from Jon playfully and then shoved him roughly on her bed. She then quickly reached grabbed the handcuff attached to the headboard and locked Jon’s hands in them. Jon looked at Sarah in surprise but she just smiled at him and then got on top of him straddling his hips. Sarah watched the look of fear in his eyes as she reached in the nightstand drawer and got out a knife. She held the beautiful blade in front of her eyes watching the light reflect off the cold steel for a minute and then she ran the dull side of the blade down the side of Jon’s face. Jon’s eyes got even wider with fear not knowing what she would do with the blade. Sarah then took the knife and began slowly cutting the ties on her corset top one by one and then she pulled the top off. Jon struggled with the handcuffs wanting to touch the perfect breasts that Sarah had just revealed. Sarah watched the look of longing in his eyes and laughed. She then took the knife and cut the front of his shirt open and tore it off of him. She then leaned forward and kissed Jon passionately pressing her breasts against his bare chest. Jon struggled more with the handcuffs when Sarah pulled back and reached in the nightstand drawer again to get a scarf. She took the scarf and blindfolded Jon and watched him writhe with pleasure as she kissed and caressed his bare chest. Jon longed to be able to see her and touch her but she had him trapped. Sarah smiled to herself as she grabbed her knife and slashed across his stomach. Jon cried out in pain totally caught off guard. “You stupid bitch what did you just do?!” Sarah ignored Jon’s screams of pain and began sucking viciously on the bleeding cut shed just made. The warm blood in her throat got her aroused and made her want more. Sarah began kissing Jon’s and neck. “Just be a good boy for me, ok?” Sarah whispered in his ear. Jon nodded and bit his lip not knowing what shed do next since he was blindfolded. Sarah continued kissing Jon’s neck and then she bit down hard making him bleed. She sucked up the blood and kept biting him when it stopped bleeding him so that she could get more blood. Jon just lay still for her whimpering occasionally but beginning to like the pain. Once Sarah had got her fill she took the blindfold off Jon and then dragged the blade down her arm and held it to Jon’s lips as the crimson blood began to run across her pale skin. “Now be a good boy for me and lick it off.” Jon silently obeyed and was slightly disgusted at first, but as the salty warmth of her blood filled his mouth he felt himself getting hard. Sarah felt his erection through his pants rub against her leg where she was straddling him. She took her knife and with a flick of her wrist cut the button off his pants and slid them down along with his boxers. Sarah could tell that part of Jon wanted to get away from her b/c she had that sharp knife so close to his cock but she could also see that he was almost in pain from being so turned on. Sarah touched Jon’s erection gently with her fingertips and he lifted his hips slightly wanting more. Sarah saw the pain and longing in his eyes and decided it was time to stop teasing him. She took her knife and made one last cut up the inside of Jon’s thigh. Jon gritted his teeth but he could tell he was finally going to get what he wanted. Sarah licked up the blood and then began licking Jon’s cock and balls. Jon shuddered with the extreme pleasure he had waited so long for. “See I told you youd get what you wanted if you were a good boy,” Sarah said. Sarah then took his cock all the way in her mouth and began sucking on it gently. Jon began moaning softly and Sarah sucked harder and faster on his cock. Jon’s moans got louder and louder until he cummed in Sarah’s mouth. Sarah swallow Jon’s cum and then got up and took of the handcuffs. “Arent you glad you were a good boy?” Jon immediately threw Sarah down on the bed and pinned her down. “Oh yes im extremely glad!” Jon smiled at her and then kissed her lips gently. Sarah felt his cock brush against her leg and she hoped he would enter her soon. Sarah gasped at the initial pain of Jon’s cock entering her pussy. Jon could tell she was uncomfortable and he pushed into her as gently and slowly as he could. Soon the pain turned into pleasure as Jon thrust slowly into her tight pussy. Sarah’s moans got louder as Jon thrusted harder and harder into her. He was slamming into her so hard the bed was shaking and she muffled her screams by kissing him passionately. Sarah moved her hips in rhythm to his thrusts and felt herself getting closer and closer to climax. Jon slammed into her hard one last time and they both orgasmed together. They were both sweaty and exhausted as they cuddled together on the bed. Jon brushed Sarah’s hair out of her face and kissed her on the forehead. “I love you baby.” “I love you too,” Sarah whispered as she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. Jon watched her peacefully sleeping for a few minutes and then he too fell asleep, totally happy and satisfied.